When I get in a bad mood, it’s pretty instant. Usually, things are going OK and then all of a sudden, a comment is made or a person cuts me off or my neighbors starting blasting their bass and my blood boils. Similar to the Grinch or the Hulk. Sometimes, my mood turns angry too quickly for anyone to be able to run for cover.

OK, so I am not that terrible. Unless I’m around my boyfriend, I keep my cool until I can be alone. He’s the main one I tell the truth too, and he usually can pick up the signs quickly.

I have learned a few things to help when shit hits the fan fast. It’s so easy to assume the world is out to get you, and that it’s best to give up on the day. Especially if the hits just keep coming. But, there are ways to turn it around and still make it a good day. And may even get you smiling again.


1. Read Some Quotes

This happened accidentally a while ago. I was at work and the whole morning wasn’t going very well, and I was feeling pretty down. Sometimes co-workers have a way of making your day suck. But, I got on Instagram and apparently a lot of people were having the same kind of day, because there were a lot of inspiring quotes on there. That initial sign felt like the universe was trying to tell me something.
But, finding quotes that feel like they are speaking directly to you can help a lot. Saving them in your phone to look at and remind yourself throughout the day can be a good idea. When we get angry, it’s easy to feel all alone. Quotes have a way of making you feel there is someone else out there who is going through the same crap you are.

2. Smile. This sounds so weird, especially when you’re pissed. But, I’ve noticed that when I am mad, sometimes I just feed into it even after the initial anger has passed. Walking around with my brows furrowed and lips pursed is a signature trait. When you smile though, your brain starts to think that you’re happy, even if you aren’t. Taking it a step further and watching a funny video to make you laugh can quickly pull you out of that bad mood. My go-to video is watching Panda Bears roll around. Because, they do this and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. And when you think of something as goofy as a Panda bear rolling around, it can help change your overall perspective and remind you that things aren’t so bad.

3. Repeat affirmations. Tell yourself that all is well and that you are OK. Nothing in this moment will last, and I won’t remember it next week. Honestly, I can’t tell you what I had for dinner on Friday night. What is bothering us so much right now most likely won’t be bothering us next week. Unless, something is very wrong. But, remembering the good things in your life like your family, your dog’s snoring, the comfort of your bed and watching Netflix. Small little pleasures we enjoy so much can help us pull out of a shitty mood. Things can’t suck sometimes, and sometimes it takes giving it time to pull out of the cloud. But, remember why your life is good and why other times of your life you are happy, helps when that cloud is lingering.

These are things when you are mainly stuck in a moment that you can’t get out of quite yet, like being at work or surrounded by people who drive you crazy. Or being stuck in traffic, mainly things we just cannot control when we are stuck in them.
It’s easy to assume the world is out to get you and think people just suck. But, when you change your mindset on the situation, you will notice things start to get better much faster.