“It is the hard days- the days that challenge you to your very core- that will determine who you are. You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive.” – Sheryl Sandberg

I always get in this spot. This area of my life that I can’t seem to shake. I lose inspiration, motivation, or any spark of easy-going. I lose sense of reality for a bit- not in a crazy way, just in a way where I question everything and wonder what the purpose is. Things occur in the day to day that cause me to be this way.

Being in a funk doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It just means there are moments in life where we don’t feel like doing anything. It’s like a fog rolls over and it’s best to just stay inside and wait for it to pass. But, with full-time jobs/school/kids, who has time for that? We just have to push through to the next time that we feel better.

If I could give anyone advice on how to get over a funk, I’d say to go easy on yourself. Read a book if you like reading, listen to some calm music, take a hot bath, or treat yourself to something you really enjoy. I can’t tell you why exactly this occurs, but it’s easy to get down on ourselves when we are in a funk, and make ourselves feel bad about not wanting to do the things that give us value. But, a funk usually means we are going through something. We are feeling vulnerable, scared, anxious, or just plain tired. We are trying to do too much, and it might be a sign to take it easy. Let it happen, and allow yourself to get through it. Because when you eventually do, it feels so much better and you’ll be happy you pushed through it.

I often refer to this feeling as having a cold. A cold that comes around way more often than an actual cold. And although we can’t feel anything bad, and there isn’t real physical evidence that something is wrong, that’s all that it is. If you had a sore throat and runny nose and achy body, you’d know to rest and relax until you felt better. This is the exact same thing, and it doesn’t mean you even have to explain yourself to anyone. It just means you have to do what’s right for you.

Here are a few things that might help when you are in the middle of a funk

1. Watch, read, or listen to something inspirational.
Brene Brown books or YouTube videos of cute puppies. Podcasts are becoming huge and there are some that are just amazing to listen to. I’d suggest any of the Gimlet podcasts (Start Up, Reply All, Science Vs. etc.) and I’ve been really into wellness podcasts. They are full of how to take care of yourself, and just be ok with who you are. It’s basically just learning how to love who you are at this moment, not necessarily about trying to change yourself. I love the Wilder Podcast by Karsyn Dupree because she interviews some pretty inspirational women and talks about things in a very relatable way. I don’t think that you need to find a bunch of distractions to avoid how you feel, it’s more about finding things that let you sit in the uncomfortable feelings of it all, and allow you to move forward. Because things will get better, and for now you just have to let yourself heal.


2. Force yourself to do something. Anything!
This is where I struggle a lot. Especially when I am in a funk, I just think of pushing myself to do something and convince myself that I’ll feel even worse if I decide to do something. It’s better to just sit in bed and avoid things. But, the only way you get out of that mindset is just by doing something. Last night I went swimming with my family in a lake for our Tri-athlon training. It was like ninety-four degrees yesterday but the water was still cold! I told my niece how much I didn’t want to dunk my head in because I knew I’d hate it. And she said “just think of going down really quick and then bursting out of the water like you are in charge of the world.” And honestly that really helped. Sometimes instead of thinking how unhappy you’ll still be if you do something, you have to think that you are a badass boss who can do anything. Sometimes screaming and yelling while you do it helps. Sound effects help.


3. Talk it out.
This doesn’t mean you have to talk to anyone. Just talk out loud even if you are alone. ┬áSpeaking out about what is bugging you helps way more than you think it would. Yes, it’s weird to talk to yourself but it actually feels good to do it! It’s a form of self-care and lately, I’ve had so much stuff piling up in my head and haven’t had much time to talk to people about it. So, I’ve been resorting to talking to myself about it and just exposing these thoughts. You end up coming up with different realizations after a while. This might put you out of your comfort zone, but I’d really suggest trying it for five minutes. Vent about all that crap that is filling up your brain and explain out loud to yourself why you feel so weird. Because, you might not even know why you are in a funk and talking about it can help you understand. It might not give you the whole answer, but it can lessen the pressure that is building up.

Feel free to leave a comment adding in what helps you to get out of a funk!