Why should we have to do chores on the weekends? Just saying this sounds crazy in my mind. We work hard for the weekends. Why should those days be spent doing chores?

If we’re not constantly checking off things on the to-do list, it can seem like we aren’t doing much with our lives. If we aren’t being productive 99% of the time, then are we being lazy?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to do chores on the weekends? What if those days were open for you to relax and enjoy the small amount of time you have off to relax?

If you’re like me, you work 40 hours a week and that can be exhausting. Doing the same thing day in and day out takes a lot of energy just to get up and keep doing it again.

So it’s very easy to let things pile up until the weekends when things absolutely need to get done.

But you might be saying ‘the weekends are the only time I have for chores!’ And that’s not entirely true. You have time during the week to pick away at that to-do list. If you have 15 minutes, you have enough time to get all your chores done.

This is where the cycle has to stop. This is where I tell you that you shouldn’t have to do any chores on the weekends. Because weekends are just that! The end of the week, the only time in your busy schedule where you can actually relax for a minute and have fun. And there should be no guilt in that either.

It’s the best time to check out and shut off during weekends.

Weekends go by fast, right? It seems like each time they come around, they disappear faster and faster. You want to know the reason for that? Being glued to technology. We feel a need to be connected with the world, and technology makes it way too easy to do that.

Turning off your phone and being in the moment might sound scary. I understand, but how are you going to learn how to be present if you have you’re phone attached to you all the time?

You should spend some time off the grid. That doesn’t mean you have to be out in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception. It just means shutting your phone off and putting it in a drawer. Or give it to a trusted friend who won’t cave when you beg to check it ‘just once.’

Technology can be a time saver or a time killer. It’s all about how you use it.

I dare you to put away all of your technology on Saturday. Pretend like it’s 1995. Go to a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee and gaze out the window. Maybe even read the newspaper!

You have more time to be with people you care about instead of focusing on chores.

When our lives are busy, it’s easy to fill up the weekends way in advance. It’s much easier to send a text than it is to physically go visit people.

When was the last time you made an effort to go see someone? Your sister? Parents? Best friend?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in things and lose track of time.

Use the time you do have to spend with people you enjoy. Because while a text is a quick and easy thing to pass on, seeing people and spending genuine time with them will go much farther.

That seems obvious, right? And I’m sure that you think you already see your family plenty. But, when you are spending time with them are you using your phone at all? Are you distracted by other things instead of really being in the moment?

The weekends are the perfect time to get caught up with people. Invite someone to the coffee shop with you! Ask yourselves WWPBD? (What would Phoebe Buffet do?)

We all like to be prepared for the work week, and sometimes that means sacrificing things we want to do. Like being with people we want to see. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it really shouldn’t. You should be spending your free days enjoying yourself. Not trying to continue to juggle all the balls you’re trying to keep up.


It’s the only time to actually feel like a kid again

Remember summer as a kid? No real priorities, except for figuring out how to hold a handstand underwater at the pool. Do you ever think of that time when you’re stuck at work on a perfect summer day?

I do. I wonder why I took that time for granted. But, Saturdays are the perfect time to recreate those days. Plan for a fun pool day with your friends. Phones off!

Look, now you just knocked out three birds with one stone.

When we let ourselves relax and act like kids, it feels like a reset button. It’s one of the best ways to feel refreshed and alive. When you put everything away and allow yourself to have some fun without any worries, you create a really healthy balance.

It’s the best way to feel alive.

Let’s face it, work drains our soul sometimes. We are constantly hustling and working towards our goals. It seems like any misstep can throw us a mile backwards. If we’re not careful, anxiety can start to creep its way in.

When we are constantly on the go and trying to achieve these crazy goals we set for ourselves, anything can set us off.

It’s not fun living life that way. And using weekends as a catch-up game for the next work week will just have you going down a rabbit hole. If you don’t let yourself live, you’ll be full of stress and on the verge of burn-out.

The weekends are days that you have the freedom to do whatever you want! Chores and stressful things not included.

Use your week days to complete the dreadful stuff. Honestly, just dedicate an hour or two a week getting chores done.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be doing chores on weekends. Just because we were taught to clean our rooms before we could go out and play doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be now.

You have the freedom to create your life how you want it. That can start with being more present during the weekends. And filling them up with everything you love.

Imagine how refreshed you’ll feel on Monday morning once you spent the whole weekend doing things you wanted.

Now get out there and enjoy your weekends like you did when you were a kid!

What are your plans for the weekend?

4 Reasons To Stop Doing Chores On Weekends