It really seems that lately we are all trying to hustle as much as we can. Have you noticed that? Most people are constantly trying to rush through life to get to the next big thing.

The world we live in now is full of speedy fast results. When our phones aren’t working fast enough, it’s easy to quickly become impatient. It makes sense that we are constantly trying to be on top of things, work harder and faster and learn quicker. There are insane amounts of pressure that comes with this.

I know that with how my life is at the moment, I work full-time go to school full-time, and I try to spend any free time I have to work on this blog. And it’s freaking hard to keep up with everything all the time! Like who has time for everything, including the unexpected stuff? The unexpected stuff seems to pop up way more often than the expected. Trying to plan around that makes it that much harder.

What I would like to talk about is figuring out how to allow yourself to relax. When was the last time you came home and decided to sit down and do something you wanted to do? Not something you were supposed to do, but just something that you enjoy. And it shouldn’t be called a guilty pleasure, because there shouldn’t be any guilt associated with it. When was the last time you did something you wanted without feeling any guilt attached to it?

I know that watching tv and being on our phones is a strong outlet from thinking about the stress of work or of anything going on in life. But, when do we actually use these things out of enjoyment? Not a force of distraction. I am not saying there is anything wrong with watching TV or using phones, but I want to see if we are using it the right way. Because lately I have been noticing that I myself like to watch TV to just take my mind off of everything else that is getting to me. Instead of watching TV because I enjoy it. It’s just a stronger distraction that allows me to escape for a little bit.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to relax? That is the main question. Truly fully relax without a fault.

If you ever feel the same as me, where there is more guilt than anything about pretty much anything thing you do then I think this a good point to make. I think getting to a point where it’s ok to just chill without feeling obligated to hang out with other people, workout, cook dinner, anything that involves doing something you feel more obligated to than anything else.

This is my free card to you to use to enjoy yourself. Be self-indulgent and listen to what it is you really want to do. Take a bath, eat something you love, go somewhere you love. I have a thing for breakfast restaurants like iHOP. It reminds me of being a kid and it provides a lot of comfort when I am feeling a little uncomfortable.

It’s so important to find things that provide you comfort when you are thrown into this crazy scary world. I get a lot of anxiety (as you might know) and I have to make it a point to find things that are my comfort zone. Mainly because most of the time I am so far outside of my comfort zone, it’s like hanging outside of an airplane instead of sitting comfortably inside. But, knowing there is that to come back to makes it a little easier to be on the outside.