The Harsh Realities Of Blogging

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So this is going to be a more personal post. Because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.

SEO rules and marketing techniques be damned.

I’m just going to put it all out there. Working full-time while trying to do this whole blog thing and freelance writing on the side is a bitch.

I am all for working my butt off. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Throw your hair up in a ponytail, drink some coffee and deal with it. I get it! But, I am so burnt out.

I am wondering if this is all even worth it. Because I’m doing it any free chance I get. This involves using up time that I could spend playing with my dogs, or being around family. Or getting ripped at the gym (yeah, right).

So, for any of you who are working full-time and coming home to work on your blog full-time, I salute you.

It’s no easy feat. And if you are trying to make blogging a career, there are some harsh realities that come with it.

We all want it to come easy, don’t we? It seems like most people on Instagram have it figured out. It also seems like it didn’t take much effort to get there. They have thousands of followers and get to post pictures of their avocado toast and yummy iced coffee, living the good life.

Clearly, it wasn’t easy. Those people worked their ass off and still do, every day. If anything, the more successful a person is makes me see how much harder they had to work for that.

And maybe they just have a really high tolerance for failure and rejection. Because trying to make a name for yourself is hard work. It takes hustling every single day. And it involves minimal complaining. Which I suck at.

I am a serial complainer. It’s sunny out? I want it to be snowing. It’s snowing out? I want it to be hot.

So my personality might not be the best for trying to start my own business…

But, I want to be a blogger and I want to complain about it damn it.

It takes time to build up an engaged audience that trusts you. I’d really prefer to see success right now so I don’t give up. Cause I’m a millennial and I give up after about five minutes. But, this shit takes time.

I have spent the last six months trying to make my blog a reality. I have that dream that everyone has:
Quit the day job and work from anywhere in the world while getting paid a bunch of money. And enjoy my avocado on toast while sipping iced coffee.

Ok, so there’s more to it than that. But, hello? That sounds amazing.

I don’t have kids but I do have two pups at home that I have to leave every day. And get massive anxiety over leaving them for too long. It’d be nice to have the option to spend my days with them. (I deal with anxiety in general, and being in more control of my life would help)

So if you’re reading this and are wondering what it takes to become a successful blogger, let me give you a list of things to get familiar with.

The Fun List Of Things You Need To Know In Order To Be A Successful Blogger

  • Be an expert in SEO, and make every blog post perfect. Google will know. (SEO hates me right now for this post)
  • Market yourself on every social media platform, including Facebook and show all the people you went to High School with your awesome blog
  • Learn how Instagram works… hashtags, follow/unfollow, comment, like, post every day, host giveaways, sell your soul…
  • Become the next Ansel Adams
  • Learn Pinterest SEO.
  • Set up an email list. First off, figure out how to put Magic Action Box on your blog and then tell me how to do it.
  • Invest in at least ten blogging courses that essentially all tell you the same thing.
  • Get over fear of implementing what you learned in the blogging courses
  • Create awesome, engaging, one-of-a-kind content.
  • Always end your content with a call-to-action
  • Cry when you do everything on this list and don’t get any readers to your blog
  • Go back to your favorite blog. Get re-inspired. Repeat

Building a blog and a name for yourself comes with a lot of struggles. I’ll compare it to climbing a mountain. Small victory reaching the top, then you go down and climb it all over again.

The hustling never ends.

Some people don’t see the point. “Why would you want to quit your secure and safe day job with a nice salary to struggle with being a blogger?”

Because I love it, ok? Because I have a weird obsession over it and I want to spend my waking moments perfecting it.

Blogging is an amazing beast. I am mainly joking in this post. I can see why so many people want to do it for a living because it’s badass. But, I want to clear the air and say it’s not simple process. It’s definitely not. But, if you want something bad enough and are patient, great things will happen! You’ll most likely get exactly what you want.




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