¬†Hey there! I’m Samantha, the founder of Lovely Refinement.

Lovely Refinement is all about helping you build self-confidence, set goals, and be more productive. Some like to call it “refining the process”. If you’re struggling with confidence, feel free to reach out! I’m always open to meeting new people, and helping out with your struggles. The goal with Lovely Refinement is to help you overcome self-confidence issues. I struggle with this myself, and I’ve found that talking about it, and relating to other people going through the same thing helps in so many ways.


My story:

I’ve spent a long time learning how to be fully confident in myself. It’s not something I was really taught growing up. I grew up as the youngest of 6, extremely introverted and quiet. Like, seriously there have been times where I’ve gone days without talking. (As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized I definitely need people in my life in order to remain sane!). My parents divorced when I was 7. That was enough of a blow at that age, but dealing with the aftermath effects lasted into my late teen years. Anyone who knows, divorced parents who don’t get along isn’t fun.

Then when I was on the brink of turning 18, the unexpected happened. My mom passed away in a fluke accident, leaving us 6 kids confused and lost. We held on tightly to each other for years afterwards. And it’s something that I will never fully get over.

Losing someone changes you. You instantly see what matters and what doesn’t in this world.

And ever since then, I’ve worked hard at being in-tune with myself. Learning how to overcome rejection and understand what’s in my control and what’s not.

Don’t get me wrong. I have days where my insecurities fully take over, and anxiety sets in. Even going to the grocery store when it’s busy causes a mini panic attack.

But, regardless of what’s happened, I’ve learned that building strength is essential to having a great life. And having confidence in yourself during the tough times in life is one of the best skills you can possibly have.

And just remember, while you read these blogs and hang out at Lovely Refinement, I’m not here to give you fluff advice from a position where I don’t know what I’m talking about. Everything I talk about here is stuff I have personally been through myself. I’m not an outside prospector who doesn’t fully get what you’re going through. I do! 100%. Sometimes the best advice comes from people who have been there before, and who have overcome the challenges.

So, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and I’m excited to get to know you more!