It’s Best To Let It Out


The weather has been pretty gloomy this whole week. On Monday, we had one of the most intense hail storms I have ever witnessed, I’m pretty sure it’s the worst one I’ve seen. We get hail storms every year, but they usually only last for a few minutes. This time, the hail was at least the size of golf balls and the storm lasted at least 20 minutes. As you can imagine, the consistent impact damaged so many cars. I was one of the fortunate ones to not get a broken window/windshield/mirror. Just massive dents in the body of my car. The worst part about those situations is you can’t do anything but watch helplessly from inside. Mother Nature is the one with all of the control, and that was just a reminder of it.

Because of this gloomy weather, and the hail that destroyed the trees and took off all the leaves which is making it look like winter again outside.

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