Understanding Balance


Isn’t balance what we are all searching for? I don’t know about you, but finding balance is similar to having an abundance of money in your bank account and having everything in  life filled to the brim or overflowing even. Finding balance is like finding a Unicorn. We are all searching for it, but it feels so unreachable a lot of the time. We want to have a nice equal amount of everything in our lives, and it can be so hard to do that. Usually, I tend to swing one way or the other. 

There are days where I want to eat foods that are bad for me, spend too much time on my computer, and binge watch Parks and Rec on Netflix. I honestly find it a real struggle sometimes to find an even balance. Like a scale, when it teeters too much one way, we feel off. It’s funny how when we are super busy, we want to have time to ourselves. When we have too much time on our hands, we want to be around people and find ways to occupy our time. It’s this never ending battle, isn’t it?

One of the tips I have is to take it one day at a time. When I think of setting a new goal, I get excited but I also start to think of the days following. Staying consistent and being on top of a goal all the time is the challenge. It’s where we stumble and end up feeling like we failed if we don’t stay with it. That’s why taking it one day at a time means you are going slow & steady, and taking it as it comes. I always try to be quicker and get really good at something really fast. The end result of that leaves me feeling burnt out, and I feel like I didn’t get very far.

Very interesting how that tortoise and the hare story from when we were kids can emulate with our lives as adults.

Another way of learning how to find balance is to let go of the comparing ourselves to others. When we are too busy, it’s easy to think that other people can find more time to do what they want. “She is able to work out every day, I should be able to.” Or the opposite end when you have free time. “Everyone else is hanging out with people and busy.”

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