Hey there, I’m Samantha and welcome to Lovely Refinement!

I am a 25-year old native to Colorado and work full-time as a CAD drafter and part-time as a blogger. My true passion is writing and creating things other women can relate to. If you’re looking for a place with tips on life, home decor, and affordable style, you’ve made the right stop!

 I created this blog as an outlet to express my thoughts on life and share some inspiration. It’s called Lovely Refinement because I believe our lives are constantly being refined. We go through challenges, and moments where we are forced to change in order to become the person we are supposed to be. Sometimes life can be tricky, uncomfortable, and scary and it’s easy to feel alone in this big old world. Right here is a place where you don’t have to feel that way. 

Adulting is hard. Finding time outside of a full-time job to work out, pay the bills, walk the dog and squeeze in moments with the family and other relationships is a huge balancing act. My goal is to create a space where you feel inspired and motivated to continue hustling for what you want. 

I hope you enjoy visiting this site, and feel free to drop me a line anytime! I am new to blogging and I believe a big part of it is learning as you go, and refining the process!

See you around! 😀