“What consumes your mind controls your life.”

Have you ever felt like everything seems impossible? From something as little as getting up in the morning to brushing your teeth?

Or that you’ve lost motivation for everything? Like even the things you enjoy in your life sound like too much effort?

I’ve been there. I’m pretty sure everyone has been there before.

Lately, I’ve been in a weird funk and the only things I feel like doing are eating comfort food and sleeping… a lot. I’ve had days where I just want to sleep the entire day away, to avoid thinking about anything.

It’s been going on for months, and I’ve been concerned about it. Because it’s not necessarily a depression. It’s more of a laziness. Like I am too lazy to do the simplest tasks.

There has been a lot going on in my life, and I think right now I am in recovery mode. I left my job, after being there for too long, and I reached burn-out mode. I honestly think what is happening is I haven’t fully recovered from burning out. And whenever I have a day where I work too much, my body shuts down again.

It sucks. 

I thought once I was working for myself that I’d be working my tail feathers off trying to kick this business off the ground. I am doing that, but every time I try too hard, my body rejects it. It’s saying ‘nope, you can’t work 12 hour days’. Then the next day I wake up exhausted, feeling somewhat hungover from working too much.

There needs to be balance. I can’t keep this cycle up, of working so hard for two or three days and then burning out. And not being able to work the rest of the week because of pure exhaustion.

When you reach the point of not wanting to do anything, except sleep and eat, then you might have bad habits that you need to kick. Maybe you are burning out, too. If you are running off fumes and keep losing energy, something needs to shift.

It could be why your mindset is off. Why there are some days you feel you can conquer the world, and other days you can’t get out of bed until noon. Because, our world is all about the hustle. Working our butts off to get the lives we want.

But, we are terrible about taking meaningful breaks and looking inward. It’s scary to possibly figure out what exactly is going on inside our brains when we burn-out. When we feel sad or angry because we aren’t accomplishing enough. It’s hard to admit that we feel failure, instead of just burying it underneath our work.

Take Time To Fully Recharge

Make sure that you are allowing yourself to relax, without feeling guilty about it. If you are the type of person who feels bad having any downtime then you should work on taking small breaks throughout the day. To do nothing!

The best way to recharge is to completely shut off from work, school and any other obligations you might have.

Work on your favorite hobby, go for a run around the block or hang out with your best friend.

Remember, I can tell you to do those things but it’s up to you to do them. There’s a difference between reading about what steps to take to feel better, and actually taking action with those steps. So take a break, and do something you really enjoy. And be present in the moment.

This is the best way to avoid burn-out and every day you should take some time to yourself. Treat yo’ self every day, and often.

If you are working towards goals, the best way to conquer them is by taking care of yourself first.

Cut Out The Negativity

This might be hard. There are people who know they are in a bad situation, but refuse to get out of it. A toxic relationship is one of the hardest things to pull yourself out of, because you are dealing with another human being. When you are close to someone, it hurts to let them go.

The only way that things can get better is to break free from the negativity. I’ve been in this position before, previously in a toxic relationship myself. And after it was over, I was a mess. I couldn’t sleep or eat, and I’d wake up every morning crying. And now that this situation is over, I am going through these emotions. I am going through this feeling that I am not motivated at all.

And no one should feel this way! It’s possible to build your mindset back up again. It’s possible!!

Cut out the negativity in your life. That’s the first step. Throw away all of the things that have ever made you feel bad. Because if it’s a person or a job, they aren’t worth it. A person should never make you feel bad if they really care about you. And having a shitty job just is not worth the time wasted and pain you have to put up with.

Work On A Daily Habit

We are all searching for motivation, but motivation is like a unicorn sometimes. It’s fleeting and if you are relying only on motivation to get you through, it’s easy to go back to the same habits.

You need to develop a new positive habit that you can work at every day. It’s honestly the best (and easiest) way to push yourself out of a bad mindset. Think of a new habit that you want to have in your life.

If you want to have more motivation to work out, set a goal to work out every day and start simple. If you want to run more, set a time every day to go for a twenty minute run. Set it at the same time, that way it’ll be easy to remember. And don’t try to push yourself too hard too fast.

The easiest way to break your habit is by making it something you hate doing. So start out easy.

Work at it every single day. After two weeks, you will start to get used to it. And by the end of the month, you will even look forward to it. Then, you can start going for longer periods of time.

The key is to start small. Small enough that you know you can keep at it every day. And once it starts to get easier to do, that’s when you can make it harder.

Stop Making Yourself Feel Bad

I know, this is something that is easy to do and difficult to stop doing. I can tell you to not beat yourself up, but that’s way easier said than done! I beat myself up sometimes, so I can’t be a hypocrite here. But, work on not making yourself feel terrible every day.

When you don’t think very highly of yourself, you won’t think you need to improve yourself. You might think you deserve to be miserable, and that’s a bad spot to be. That’s when things are bad. I have been there, and it involves getting back in tune with yourself.

When you look in the mirror, smile at yourself! Or do something today that makes you feel great.Being negative and down on ourselves is so easy to do, but being positive takes work.

It takes daily habits to change our mindsets. When our brains are so used to thinking a certain way, it’s easy to follow that path and continue to have a bad mindset. It takes working on creating a new path for our brain that is positive, which changes our mindset for the better.

Daily affirmations help, especially if you focus on saying them every day, because they help pave that new path in our brains. So work on some positive sayings that are easy for you to remember, especially in those situations that are testing your mindset.


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How to have a better mindset, even when you feel depressed. Here are some ways to practice positive thinking, have a better attitude, and increase your energy.
How to have a better mindset, even when you feel depressed. Here are some ways to practice positive thinking, have a better attitude, and increase your energy.