Meet Kingston!




First off, I have to say that it’s not quite fair how photogenic he is. Any picture I take, even if it’s terrible, he still looks freaking adorable.

This is Kingston, the 9-week old Rottweiler! He is so cute (that’s pretty obvious) and he’s a rambunctious little guy. I am seriously so happy to add him to the home. Him and my other dog, Riley, are slowly starting to get along. Riley is 13, so he’s pretty used to being the only one who gets attention. But, he seems to be warming up to Kingston. I think it’s good that they have each other because Kingston is already learning a lot from Riley, which seems to make Kingston less fearful of trying new things.

I have been thinking about getting a Rottweiler for a while now, a few years actually. The main reason why I didn’t was because of money and because I didn’t want Riley thinking I was replacing him. He’s getting old and I don’t want the time I have with him to be spent focused on another dog. It seems that sometimes the universe has other plans for you, however. Getting Kingston was probably one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Which is crazy, because puppies are a lot of work!

The amount of anxiety I get over leaving him alone makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to have kids. But, he’s worth it.

I have this obsession with dogs, and I am a huge animal lover. Providing care and love to them seems to provide a sense of purpose. I love taking care of things, even if sometimes I am terrible at it. I have two geckos as well, and it can get a little overbearing at times. But, without these challenges my life would be incredibly boring.


Welcome sweet Kingston! I can’t wait to take him out on adventures and let him explore this big old world. He is such a smart and sweet puppy. He loves to bite everything, but you can also see his personality poke out and see that he is going to be an amazing dog. I am so excited to see him grow and explore life with him!

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