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4 Reasons To Stop Doing Chores On Weekends

Career Advice

Why should we have to do chores on the weekends? Just saying this sounds crazy in my mind. We work hard for the weekends. Why should those days be spent doing chores?

If we’re not constantly checking off things on the to-do list, it can seem like we aren’t doing much with our lives. If we aren’t being productive 99% of the time, then are we being lazy?

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How To Stay At A Job You Want To Quit Tomorrow


Do you feel dread every Sunday night? Does the idea of having to be at work on Monday morning loom over your head? It’s normal to feel this way about any job. However, if you feel this way during the week more than a few times, it may be a sign something isn’t right.

Working in general sucks, that’s obvious. And having to give up time to be at a place for eight hours gets old. We all need to work in order to make a living, but we don’t need to be miserable doing it. continue reading

Dealing With Negativity


deal with negativity

When it comes to dealing with negativity, I struggle with it. The main reason is because I don’t like being near it and I start to get negative thoughts myself. Sometimes we have no choice but to be around it, and it can quickly start to take its toll. When there are people trying to bring you down in order to bring themselves up, there is a line you have to draw. You might be able to take it for a while, but the thing about negativity is that it’s like a bad smell. It seeps into your clothes and starts to manifest its way onto you. At first you might not even notice, but it silently creeps in and settles. continue reading

5 Ways To Improve Your Life In Just 15 Minutes


We all are working on improving our lives. It’s one of the constants in life. Being better than we were yesterday, striving for that next goal. We got the promotion, now we need the house, then the car. I’m sure if I asked you what you would be doing if you had more free time, you’d list off at least three things easily.

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