Do you feel dread every Sunday night? Does the idea of having to be at work on Monday morning loom over your head? It’s normal to feel this way about any job. However, if you feel this way during the week more than a few times, it may be a sign something isn’t right.

Working in general sucks, that’s obvious. And having to give up time to be at a place for eight hours gets old. We all need to work in order to make a living, but we don’t need to be miserable doing it.

When you are working at a place that isn’t providing much potential and you leave work feeling drained and empty, it’s easy to want to throw in the towel. Trust me, I have been there and I am in that position currently.

These steps have helped make work a little more bearable, and it’s given me enough patience to come up with a plan of what to do next.

Write Down Your Values

Make a list of what you want out of your job and what you don’t. Get it all out there. Figure out what is important to you. For me, I want to have more time to live life and gain experiences. I don’t want to be stuck in a dungeon all day. That is at the top of my value list, and you can figure out what’s at the top of yours.

Build a clear idea in your head of what you want out of a job. Also of what you don’t want to tolerate anymore.

When I say get clear, make it crystal clear. Make it something that clicks in your head and know what you want. We stay at these crappy jobs because we have no idea what else we’d do. Our vision is muddy and we become unsure.

The idea of good benefits and a steady paycheck are what makes us stay miserable at our jobs. I get scared about giving it up, because I don’t want to think back at how good I had it. That’s when you need to decide that things are going to get better, not worse. It is possible to make a good living and do what you enjoy!

Ask For Other Opportunities

The specific job position you’re in might be the only downside to the job. If there is another department that has great people and an open position, it’s worth a shot to check it out. Also, if there aren’t any open positions don’t let this stop you from letting people know you’re interested if something comes up.

A few weeks ago I was about at my wits end with my job and another opportunity opened up. I put myself out there and interviewed for it. Even though I didn’t get it, nothing bad happened from taking that risk and I still have my job.

Getting a different position at the same company could help in many ways. Instead of having to look for and interview at other companies, it would be a simpler option. It might also be a position that you really want, or it could lead to a better position later on.

Keeping your options open at your job could help motivate you to keep pushing through.

Find what interests you outside of work

I am guilty of coming home from work, turning on the tv and vegging out the rest of the night. Sometimes, that is totally necessary. Other times it might be a sign of burn-out. If you don’t have much motivation to do things outside of work-except wait for work tomorrow-that could be why your job is rough.

Focusing on your interests and leaving work at work can have a big impact on your mentality. It took me a while to come to terms with this, but I have learned to not bring work home with me. Instead, I focus on writing and my blog. I take my dogs out for hikes and I work on distracting myself with things I love.

If you get really good at it, going to work will be easier. Having things to look forward to afterwards makes work seem less crappy.

This is because you aren’t giving your life up for work. You aren’t sacrificing everything just to make sure you have a good day at work tomorrow. There is seriously no guarantee to how tomorrow is going to turn out and there’s no point in trying to control that.

What could you be doing now that could benefit your future?

This doesn’t have to be work related. This could be something that will help you quit your job soon. It could be saving up for a trip or maybe you want to get a house.

Are you paying attention to what your future could bring? I am not talking about having a secure job that helps you get a house and get married and have kids. I am talking about what you truly want your life to be. (If you want those things I mentioned, that’s fine too!).

Having a vision of what your life could be will help motivate you right now. Time goes by so quick, and right now is a valuable time. Waiting for things to happen means there’s a chance they won’t ever happen.¬†Making¬†them happen is what is in your control.

Setting up a plan for yourself can make work bearable now. If you’re like me and hanging on by a thread, wanting to put your notice in tomorrow, work on these things. Work on pushing yourself until you’re at a safe spot to leave this job.

One final note to remember is that a job is just a job. We all need one to make money and have a comfortable living. But, there are jobs out there that won’t make you feel awful. There are jobs that might pay less than what you’re making, but provide more happiness. If you feel stuck, like I’ve felt many times, remember that there are other ways of making money! There are better places that are within reach, and all it takes is you believing it and working on getting out.

We've all been there. That once job that sucks your dry, and makes you question everything. Here's how to push through at a job you hate, until the next opportunity comes up.