Mental Wellness

How to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle

You may be wondering how to live a healthier life. Whether that’s through eating better, exercising more, or even improving your mindset and feeling better about yourself. The relationship we have with ourselves and our bodies has a big influence on our behaviors. If you self-sabotage yourself, it can make it really difficult to see […]

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7 Yoga Exercises to Relieve Anxiety & Stress Instantly

7 Yoga Exercises to Relieve Anxiety & Stress Instantly! If you enjoy finding new ways to relax your mind and calm down after a long day, this post is for you! Yoga is a great exercise for anyone who struggles with anxiety & stress. It helps you develop a stronger mind/body connection and it also […]

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13 of the Best Books About Mental Health

Reading is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. This is because of either increasing your knowledge about mental health and being more comfortable with the topic, or by finding someone you really relate to that makes you feel less alone. I think that no matter what you’re currently going […]

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How to Create a Mental Health Crisis ToolKit

  Do you struggle with mental health? What if you had a specific go-to tool kit that you could use whenever you have a bad mental health day? I personally love to use a mental health crisis kit because I struggle with anxiety & depression. They both come out of nowhere a lot of the […]

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