Mental Wellness

13 Essential Daily Self Care Practices for Your Mental Health

Here are 13 Essential Daily Self Care Practices for Your Mental Health Practicing self-care improves your mental health in so many ways. It’s not just about taking a bubble bath, self-care is so you can reconnect with your inner self. With so much noise in the outside world you want to make self-care a priority. […]

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10 Best Ted Talks for Your Mental Health

Ted Talks for mental health is a great way to expand your knowledge on your own mental health. I love watching the speakers talk about their own experiences that relate to struggling with mental health. It kicks the stigma to the curb about hiding how you feel and pretending to feel ok when you really […]

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What to Tell Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

Here’s What to tell yourself when You’re Feeling Down You might forget the good when you’re feeling down. Your thoughts invade your sense of wellbeing making you question things about yourself. Like your worth and how much value you hold in the world. When you’re feeling down it’s important to remember the good things in […]

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15 Mental Health Quotes That Make You Feel Less Alone

Top 15 Quotes About Mental Health Do you ever feel totally alone when you struggle with mental health? Like when your anxiety prevents you from leaving the house or your depression keeps you from taking a shower? Our mentality can make it feel like we are the only ones suffering inside. As if no one […]

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