Mental Wellness

How to Stop Fighting Anxiety & Find Peace

Have you ever noticed when you try to push your anxiety away, it gets worse? No matter how much you try to stay busy and distract yourself with other things, anxious thoughts float up to the surface. And because you can’t seem to fight them away, you feel even more anxious. It’s honestly a vicious […]

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How to Build Self-Worth & Start Believing in Yourself Again

There comes a time in many people’s lives where they get knocked down. Straight on their face. It’s the time when reality hits you hard, and you’re left sitting there wondering how to push through life. Or even what the point of it all is. While you’re pondering the meaning of life, you also begin […]

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30 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

  Are you interested in improving your mental health? To help reduce anxiety and depression, and improve your overall confidence within yourself? There are a lot of options out there to help improve your mental wellness. Medication and therapy helps in ways other options can’t.  But, if you can’t afford them or just want to […]

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