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You CAN become more empowered, achieve all you want and develop your highest potential... in just a few short weeks.

You care about your own personal development. 

You want to find your purpose and develop a positive outlook.

And you've even heard how personal growth is the key to a meaningful life.

But unfortunately...

No one ever taught you the first thing about setting goals, or finding the motivation to achieve those goals.

Does this sound like you?

  • You like to stick to what you know and don't like the idea of change.
  • You don't believe you're worthy enough to live a life full of abundance and happiness.
  • Whenever you've attempted to be more positive you just resorted back to negative thinking when you didn't see results.
  • You believe failure defines who you are.  

You're stuck in a rut.

And on top of all this, the people around you are getting tired of all your negative energy. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you don't need to have a forced positive mindset to get there.  

I've been there, too.

Multiple times actually. When I was 17, my mom passed away in a fluke accident. When I was 22 I got my heartbroken by a guy who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with (although now, I think back and laugh).

And when I was 25 I had finally gotten the job of my dreams... only for that same job to put me in a deep hole of depression that I didn't think I would ever get out of.

My life has been full of "gotcha" moments. As if right when I'm about to be happy, reality hits.

And for the longest time I fell victim to that mindset... that I would never truly be happy. Until I finally decided a change needed to happen. I was sick of blaming everything else for my lack of happiness.

That's when I learned that change starts from within. But, how could I possibly change my fixed mindset? How could I be happier when deep down I didn't believe I truly deserved it?

The solution: a complete mindset makeover 

In less than a year I went from depressed, broke, and working at a job I absolutely hated to:

  • Developing a plan for my mental health that helped me manage my depression & anxiety
  • Buying my very first house
  • Running my first half marathon
  • Quitting my job and fulfilling my dream of working for myself

And I did this with very little motivation.

When I first started on this journey, I made plenty of mistakes including thinking I had to spend every single second improving my life.

I thought I had to be more ambitious and open to new things. And be really strict with my schedule in order to succeed.

But any time I put all that pressure on myself, I immediately wanted to give up whenever I wasn't seeing progress. 

I went from nearly giving up because my mental health wasn't improving.

(this picture was taken 2 years ago by my boyfriend who said "see! Here's proof you never smile anymore." Which is when I realized my mindset still hadn't improved.)

To teaching others how to live a life they love and improve their mindset!

How did this happen?

I stopped trying to be like everyone else and started listening to myself more.

I created a solid strategy filled with helpful tools and my life quickly changed. It was amazing!

From depressed and going down a path of self-destruction to a thriving and happy life! A complete 180!

Want to know a secret? I know this could be you, too.

Imagine if you...

  • Completely stopped feeling anxious and/or depressed. Without spending tons of money on a therapist.
  • Learned how to stop procrastinating and always felt motivated to take action.
  • Went from indecisive and unsure about your life to setting goals and knowing exactly what you want to do.
  • Were the absolute healthiest version of yourself. With your body and your mind.
  • Knew exactly what steps to take every day to get there. Without sacrificing other things you enjoy doing.

Introducing Transform Your Life by Transforming Your Mind!

A proven practice to help women who feel lost and unsure in their lives become the best version of themselves from the inside out.

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The Solution to Going From Having an Unhealthy Body & Negative Mind, to Becoming a Happy & Thriving Wellness Expert!

Transform Your Life by Transforming Your Mind Will Help You:

  • check
    Live more authentically and reduce unnecessary toxins (like certain foods and people), so you can feel healthier from the inside out.
  • check
    Let the past go, embrace change, and find your purpose so you can finally understand what it is you truly want. 
  • check
    Stop procrastinating and get organized with different aspects of your life so you can accomplish your goals.
  • check
    Build confidence and self-worth so you can reduce worry and go after the things you want most in life.

Wellness Doesn't Just Mean Having a Healthy Body.

It also means having a balanced mindset, strong relationships, a comfortable living environment, and an occupation that fulfills you.

Each one of these things is equally important for optimum wellness, and yet we so often neglect certain parts of our lives. You might exercise an hour a day and eat right, but are you happy?

You may have the job of your dreams, but are you sacrificing important relationships?

Curious what's included in this bundle??

In This Bundle You Will Get:

  • 2 Ecourses
  • 4 Ebooks
  • 12 Printables

Refine Your Life Ecourse

The Solution to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself by Overcoming Negative Thinking Patterns and Finding the Motivation Within You to Succeed.

With this course, you will learn how to...


Identify which thoughts aren't helpful to you anymore and learn how to stop the self-sabotage with an easy to use method.


Take the pressure off and finally pinpoint what it is you want to do with your life. While also shutting out the outside noise of other people's opinions


Move on from previous negative experiences, unhealthy relationships, and bad habits. Follow this process and see yourself flourishing in your present life!


Stop making excuses, make more time for fun, and reduce stress by killing your procrastination habit.  


Learn the secret to staying motivated and take full strides towards goals. Plus, learn how to troubleshoot when you aren't making progress.

Thriving Wellness Ecourse

The Solution For Creating a Balanced Wellness Plan That is Easy to Achieve & Stick to!

With this course, you will learn how to...


Eating right and working out daily is a difficult habit to get into. Learn the best foods to eat for maximum energy and how to create a work-out schedule you can do from anywhere.


Without the proper mindset, you can't accomplish much. Learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and become more resilient towards anything life throws at you.


Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you want to find a new job but are sared to take the risk? 


Let's add a little fun in our lives! Learn how to open your mindset and allow more adventure to come into your life.


Learn how to set up the space around you to feel as comfortable as possible. Whether that's at work or home, use these tools to develop a safe space for you to go.

"To achieve balance, we need to care for our mind, body, and spirit."

4 Helpful & Easy EBooks

The Solution For Developing a Better Understanding of Mental Health

The Ultimate Mental Health Guide

The Ultimate Mental Health Guide teaches you about the different types of mental illnesses, what affects mental health, and includes an assessment you can take to determine where you're currently at with your mental health.

The Healthy Body & Mind Handbook

The Healthy Body & Mind Handbook teaches you how to have a strong mind & body connection. With this handbook you will learn how to treat your body with the utmost respect. Through feeding your body the right foods and doing specific exercises, your body will become stronger. Through accepting yourself and developing a deeper connection with your mind to your body, you will feel completely whole again.

21 Day Mindset Challenge

This 21 Day Mindset Challenge takes you through a complete mindset shift. If you're feeling negative, hopeless, depressed or anxious, this 21 day Mindset challenge will transform your life. Each day is full of specific steps to take, a workbook to track your progress, and a section where you write down how your mind is beginning to change.

The Wellness Binder

The Wellness Binder is full of helpful Printables to keep you on track. Here are the Printables that are included:

Organization Printables
Weekly Workout Calendar
Meal Planner Printable
Budgeting Printable
Goal Setting Printable
Mood Tracker
Gratitude Journal
Journaling Prompts
Relaxation Techniques
Anxiety Worksheet
150 Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life Printable

Order Now And You'll Also Get These 3 Bonuses!

Bonus #1. Finding Your Worth

Finding Your Worth guides you towards healing the pain within yourself. After going through this guide you will begin to see just how much value you have. You will learn to let go of the self-sabotage, self-hatred, and the negative inner critic. And you'll replace it with beliefs of self-worth and empowerment, so you feel confident enough to live the life of your dreams.

Bonus #2. Anxiety Action Plan

The Anxiety Action Plan is perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety. It's an ebook full of helpful strategies to put an action plan into place. You will reduce anxious thoughts and worry and become a happier version of yourself. Your mind will finally quiet down and you won't feel so scared to take risks in life anymore.

Bonus #3. How to Practice Mindfulness Even if you HATE Meditating

This mini e-course teaches you how to be more mindful in every day life, without meditating. It's not always easy to completely shut off your mind, but this course gives you actionable tools to use to quickly center you and calm your mind down.




You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing bundle, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just shoot me an email and I will issue you a refund.

Meet Your Instructor!

Hey, I'm Samantha! I'm the creator of Lovely Refinement, a mental health blog that teaches young women how to overcome mental obstacles such as anxiety and depression.

In less than a year I went from a constantly anxious and depressed person to thriving and excited for every new day. I tested out many different methods to help improve my overall mental wellness, but it wasn't until I formed my own plan that things started to shift for me. And now, I put it all together in an easy to use bundle just for you!


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