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25 Ways to Have More Confidence quickly. Learn how to improve your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Use these simple ways to grow your confidence and flourish in every part of your life.


Confidence feels like an iffy thing. Some days you may feel better than others. And on the good days, you may even wonder if you struggle with confidence at all.

But then things pile onto your plate, life becomes stressful and it doesn’t take long before you start to wonder if you’re good enough. Are you capable enough to get through this? 

And the unfortunate thing is when we experience trying times it can damage our confidence levels. The longer you stay in difficult moments, the harder it becomes to feel good about anything.

But the thing with confidence and self-esteem is it requires a conscious effort on your part to build it. Just like a muscle in your body, having confidence takes a little work and some time to establish. And once you do feel confident enough, you also have to maintain it so when bad things happen you don’t feel the rug pulling out from under you.

That’s why it feels iffy. When we reach a point of feeling good enough we still have to put the work in to take care of ourselves and work on confidence. It’s not something you just let go of once you feel good enough.

Because eventually, your confidence will wane again. And this is good for you to just be aware of. If you thought that some people are just born with confidence, that’s not the case. Some people are raised to believe in themselves and not question things. But others grow up always feeling unsure if anything they’re doing is right. It depends on your specific situation and what you’re surrounded by in your life.

If you have a lot of negativity and toxic people in your life, your confidence and self-worth will crumble over time. On the other hand if you have a supportive group of people in your life who encourage you and are there for you when times get tough, your confidence will grow. 

Below I’m going to list 25 ways to have more confidence and I encourage you to pick out things on this list that fit into what you want to focus on more. Write these things down and work on implementing little things into your daily life. Some of the things on this list are very easy to do and require little effort.

Once you learn how to add more of these into your life, you will begin to feel confident and it will become sustainable instead of feeling like it comes and goes.

Here are 25 Ways to Have More Confidence

  1.     Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  2.     Ditch stains and holes. Dress nicely
  3.     Visualize yourself as you want to be.
  4.     Spend extra time on personal hygiene
  5.     Challenge yourself to do something outside your comfort zone
  6.     Take time to get to know yourself
  7.     Practice gratitude
  8.     Challenge your inner critic. It’s your worst enemy.
  9.     Stand tall and look people in the eye
  10.     Learn something new
  11.     Volunteer your time
  12.     Set and achieve a small goal
  13.     Replace a bad habit with something good
  14.     Set personal boundaries and hold firm to them
  15.     Smile often
  16.     Focus on the solutions rather than the problems
  17.     Take up something fun that is gets you physically active   
  18.     Complete something you’ve been procrastinating about
  19.     Make a list of your positive qualities and achievements
  20.     Bring out your inner creativity through art, music, dance, photography or whatever you enjoy
  21.     Spend more time with those you care about
  22.     Distance yourself from those who do not encourage and support you
  23.     Clean and organize the space you spend the most time in
  24.     At the end of each work day, clear your desk
  25.     Take better care of yourself; physically, emotionally and socially.

There you go! There are 25 ways you can feel more confident in your every day life. If this list feels overwhelming, just pick one thing. 

Once you’ve decided on that one thing, plan out how you’re going to add that into each day throughout the week. Identify the resistance you may be feeling towards trying this, and really start to focus on just taking one small step towards feeling more confident.

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