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Life is busy.

The amount of things we have to get done in a day is virtually impossible.

And when we can’t get to those things, we feel like we just aren’t trying enough.

This cycle of thinking is what leads to feeling overwhelmed.

And if you’re overwhelmed, you know how hard it is to either keep going or get started.

When we’re faced with a lot of different decisions, knowing where to start is difficult.

So we sit there idle, letting things pile up because we don’t know what the heck to do.

Learning how to stop feeling stressed & overwhelmed is about making your life a lot simpler than it is right now.

Cutting out all of the things that don’t really provide you any true value.

Letting go of the things that you’re doing just so you can say you’re doing something.

7 Things to Do When You’re Stressed and Overwhelmed


 1. Stop Trying To Escape How You’re Feeling

When you’re feeling stressed and like everything’s out of control, your first reaction might be to just run away.

We often want to escape the uncomfortable moments.

Things seem like too much, and when you’re overwhelmed, you have no idea where to start.

That’s when unhealthy coping, like excessive alcohol drinking, hoarding, or binge eating happens.

You don’t know how to manage your mind correctly, so your brain goes into survival mode.

It tells you to do whatever it takes to just feel a sense of calm again.

And alcohol numbs the pain for a while, so it seems like the best option.

Escaping feelings of stress & overwhelm will only lead to more of it.

Stop trying to avoid your feelings and run away from your problems.

Work on figuring out how to take the first step to reduce the stress.

2. Learn How to Manage Your Mind

Saying “I’m so stressed right now” is all in your head.

It’s what we tell ourselves to try and make sense of the situation.

But, what’s really going on is you aren’t able to manage how you think.

You can have a million things going on, and still feel calm and collected.

What you tell your brain is what you believe is true.

If you were to say “I have this under control.” Your brain will believe you.

Practice working on telling yourself the things you want to hear. Avoid saying things like “I’m too overwhelmed.” or “I’m too stressed.”

Those are just thoughts. It doesn’t actually make them facts.

3. Work on Planning Things Out Better

Planning allows you to get everything out in the open.

Laid out in an organized manner.

Most people who are overwhelmed look around at 100 things they have to get done today, and avoid doing any of it because they have no clue where to even begin.

Start by creating a list of everything that needs to get done.

Pull out your calendar, then start marking everything on a specific day.

Once you do this, you’ll feel a lot more organized and in control of the situation.

And planning helps you manage your brain.

4. Figure Out What’s Most Important

Trying to juggle 10 things at a time isn’t possible. It’s exhausting.

Trying to achieve balance with work, school, home, relationships, your health, etc. can cause a lot of stress.

Hustling to get it all done will eventually lead to you burning out.

What you can do instead is focus on what is most important to you.

What fills up your cup?

Break down your priorities by daily, weekly, and monthly. Then figure out what is most important.

Get rid of all the other crap that you’re trying to keep up with just for appearances.

Those things will drive you to feeling way too overwhelmed all of the time.

When you focus on what you truly love doing and what’s important, you won’t feel overwhelmed anymore.


5. Make Better Decisions

Stop trying to please everyone else by saying yes to anything.

By focusing on what’s most important like before, you can learn how to make better decisions.

When you evaluate your life and understand what your priorites are, it become easier to make good decisions.

This way, you don’t fill up your schedule with things you shouldn’t be doing.

We are often faced with way too many decisions every single day.

Cut out all of the noise by listening to your gut and doing what you need. Ignore the thoughts that tell you you should be doing something else.

6. Limit Your Options

If you have an Instagram account you know how easy it is to get sucked into the alternative world.

The beautiful photos can make it seem enticing to have a big house, toned abs, or more followers.

And if you set those things are you ultimate goals in life, you’ll constantly be hustling for more.

Seeking more external resources to make you happy.

When you can start with what you have right now.

Try to work on making your life simpler, not more complicated.

With a simple mindset change, you won’t have to feel like you constantly have to hustle your butt off to get all of these things.

Start with the things that bring you fulfillment, that don’t cost money or require a lot of effort.

A simple hike up in the mountains can bring you way more happiness than materialistic things.

When you limit your options, you get rid of all the unnecessary stress you’re causing yourself.

7. Create an Action List

Start taking action today.

Instead of thinking you have to live in this constant state of mind, you can choose to take action.

Set aside time every day to focus on your to-do list.

Keep taking action every day. Make it a point to focus on the most important things that mean the most to you.

Focus on reducing the things that don’t provide a whole lot of value to you.

If you hate your job, figure out a way to put a plan into action to find something better.

Taking action is the best way to get out of your overwhelmed state of mind and move onto better things.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, try to work on reducing the things that are causing you stress. Some things are out of our control, and that’s what I’m trying to learn myself.

Learning how to control what you can and let go of what you can’t is tough! If you can ask yourself ‘is this out of my control?’ and accept the answer, then you’re on the right path to making improvements.

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We all get overwhelmed sometimes. There are moments when everything hits the fan at once, and things go downhill quick. Instead of hiding under the covers until it all goes away, here are some ways to deal with being overwhelmed.