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How to Love Yourself Again

Use the I L.O.V.E. M.E. checklist to go from feeling unloveable & anxious to confident & composed (making everyone in the room totally captivated & enchanted by your presence)

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Sometimes we all need reminders that we're doing just fine in life. If you ever don't feel good enough, this post is for you. If you feel anxious and worried about where your life is going, this post is for you. Here are 10 Signs You're Doing Just Fine in Life

If you ever doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing enough in your life, chances are you struggle to see what you’re already doing right.

When we are constantly stressed and worried about other things, we tend to forget everything we’ve accomplished already.

The negative outweighs the positive sometimes.

Society makes us believe we always have to have more, and be doing more.

The downside to always feeling the need to improve your life is you never learn to appreciate what you have.

There’s always that next step to get to. Whether that’s in your job, your relationship, or your overall life.

We become too eager to jump into the next chapter of our lives, and we can easily lose track of what’s right in front of us.

If you’re feeling like everything you do just isn’t enough, I’m here to tell you that you’re doing better than you think!

And it’s important to take a step back sometimes and think about everything you’ve already accomplished.

This can prevent feelings of stress and anxiety from taking over your life.

You have to take a time-out every once in a while and evaluate your life for what it currently is.

Here are 12 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are


1. You Enjoy the Little Things in Life

You know that buying more things won’t bring you much more happiness.

Something as simple as seeing a person help another person, or going outside on a hike is enough to fill your cup.

Buying new things isn’t always a bad thing, but you know what truly brings you the most happiness.

You don’t need much, and that’s what shows you’re doing better than you think!

2. You Don’t Give up After Failing

We all get knocked on our ass from time to time.

It’s a part of life. What sets you apart is deciding to keep getting back up.

Even during the days when you really don’t want to.

And if you struggle with anxiety or depression, you know just how hard it is to keep pushing sometimes.

Choosing to keep going shows that you’re doing just fine.

Because life is not easy, and you not giving up proves you have resilience.

3. Everyone Around You Says You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

If you really can’t see that your life is better than you think, then ask a close friend.

Hearing someone else tell you that your life is good is a great reminder that it is.

We can often see our life through foggy lenses, and sometimes you need someone else to pull you out of that.

If you ask around and other people say you’re doing good, trust them and listen to that.

4. You Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Instead of playing the victim in your life, you choose to stand up and own it.

Even when it’s really hard to do.

You don’t blame others for your mistakes and you work on overcoming the struggles in your life.

This is a huge sign that you’re doing way better than you think. Some people hate to believe they have any control over their lives.

They would rather make up excuses for their life than work on fixing their problems.

5. You Surround Yourself with the Right People

You are picky about who you allow in your life.

And anyone who is negative or wants to bring you down is not part of it.

Even if that means you have to be completely alone at certain times in your life.

Instead of clinging to other people who may be unhealthy for you, you choose to only allow positive people into your life.

Ones who support you no matter what and who are there for you when you need them.


6. You Can Take Care of Yourself

Whether you’re in a relationship, single, have lots of friends, or are introverted you can take care of yourself.

You don’t rely too much on other people to get you through things.

Relying on others to help you isn’t bad, but knowing how to get through things on your own shows how strong you really are.

We all need other people in our lives for support and love, but getting things done on your own proves you are a serious badass.


7. You Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

Reaching out when you need it isn’t always easy to do.

Sometimes we assume we are being a burden, or don’t want to look like we’re struggling.

Asking for help is a huge sign of strength.

During the moments when you just can’t keep doing it by yourself, or you really need someone to talk to.

Knowing when to ask for help and not being afraid to shows that you are doing much better than you think.


8. You Like to Improve Yourself

A part of what makes it so hard to see that you’re doing better than you think is wanting to always improve yourself.

But, it’s also what makes you much better off.

Becoming complacent in life leads to issues because it makes people avoid change.

Change is the only consistent thing in life, and being open to improving yourself is important.

You don’t always have to strive to be the best, but asking yourself “how can I do better?” is a healthy outlook to have on life.

There’s a good balance between the two, so that you can look at your current life and still be comfortable with where you are at.


9. You Can Learn to Forgive

Forgiving is challenging, but holding grudges is pointless.

I’m not saying going out and forgiving everyone who did you wrong is the right thing to do.

But, letting go of the past and accepting it for what it is will make you a stronger person.

Learning to forgive yourself and other people gives you a happier life because you don’t let those things determine who you are as a person.


10. You are Kind to Others

We are often wrapped up in our own lives- and our phones- to notice what is going on around us.

Basic manners are slowly phasing out in our world, and if someone doesn’t hold the door open for you, it can cause a chain reaction.

We as humans do what others do.

But, you ignore that and still hold the door open for people, no matter if no one ever does it for you.

You also say please and thank you. And care to be kind to everyone around you, no matter who they are.

Being kind is one of the biggest signs that you’re doing better than you think.


11. You go After Your Dreams

No matter what others say, you continue to go after what you want.

It might make you feel alone at times (which can make you believe you aren’t doing something right), but you still make your dreams a priority.

Some people ignore what their heart wants just to fit in, or make it easy on themselves.

Going against what others think and listening to yourself isn’t always easy.

That’s why you’re most likely even doing better than a lot of people around you.


12. You Take Care of Yourself

Even during those moments when you are totally unsure if you’re doing anything right, you care about yourself.

You eat healthier to nourish your body, exercise frequently and practice self-care.

You know that filling up your cup allows you to be there for others, so you make yourself a priority.

Taking care of yourself, even on the days when it’s really hard to even get out of bed, proves you are definitely doing way better than you think you are.

I know it’s challenging to sometimes see that your life is good. Especially when you want more out of life.

But, remembering what makes you so great and what you’re doing right will give you peace of mind.

It will still allow you to strive for more in life, it just gives you a little more confidence that your life is actually pretty great!

How to Love Yourself Again

Use the I L.O.V.E. M.E. checklist to go from feeling unloveable & anxious to confident & composed (making everyone in the room totally captivated & enchanted by your presence)

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Sometimes it feels like we are never enough, and always behind. If you are constantly trying to be the best version of yourself, but feel like you're falling behind, here are some signs you're doing better than you think.
Here some signs of why you're doing much better than you think you are. #motivation #self-improvement #betterlife
Here some signs of why you're doing much better than you think you are. #motivation #self-improvement #betterlife


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