We all know them.

The type of people who work their hardest at bringing everyone down.

The one’s who are usually pretty selfish, and only care about all of the bad things happening to them. And they usually try to drag you down with them.

In those instances when you’re trying to be happy and see the good in things, they are there to bring you back to “reality”. As if you’re just this naive person who doesn’t realize things are way worse than you think.

But, they are the ones who are actually wrong. They are the ones most people don’t like, and the ones who will have a lifelong battle with not being able to fully see the good in things.

Having to deal with this type of person on a daily business, whether they are a co-worker or a close family member, can be tough.

Especially if you’re the type of person who cares. You don’t want to see other people struggle, and you don’t want to speak up about them being negative because they seem to be struggling enough already.

But, eventually something’s gotta give. You can’t be working at a job surrounded by a toxic environment or you’ll just drive yourself crazy. And if you live with a negative person, it’s difficult to stay positive when they are constantly negative.

Here are some ways to deal with negativity.

Recognize it

What you have to do first is recognize where it’s stemming from. If you notice that you are feeling irritated, unhappy, or uninspired after spending time with a certain person, chances are they are the cause.

Once you can recognize the root of it and ask yourself honestly what is making you feel this way, then you can take the next steps to work on changing it.

Gaining awareness is huge.

People can make small or big comments that make us question ourselves and at first it might be harmless and easy to brush off. That’s easier to do if you don’t have to see that person much or ever again.

But, what about the people who are in our lives a good chunk of the time?

The ones who only want what’s best for you, even if their view of what’s right for you isn’t right. What about the gossip co-worker who likes to blow things out of proportion and say things behind your back, possibly threatening your job? Or your best friend who makes comments about what you look like?

We need to learn to recognize where it’s coming from so that we can see why it’s happening. You might never get to know exactly why someone is extremely negative and hurtful, but you can learn to eliminate those people once you become aware of it.

“She is at a place in her life where peace is a priority and negativity cannot exist.”

Let the comments slide off

When it comes to negativity, we love to let it stick to us.

If twenty people commented on your appearance and nineteen of them were positive and one was negative, that negative one naturally sticks to you so much more than the rest. But, that’s up to you.

You can either let that comment affect you forever, or nip it in the butt and decide to not let it get to you.

A good way to do this is by reflecting on who that person is and who you are. You can say “wow, that person is probably going through something. Or they are most likely insecure and need to bring people down in order to bring themselves up.” If you aren’t the type of person to make other’s feel bad in order for you to feel better, then you are already way ahead of these negative talkers.

If you are constantly surrounded by negativity, whether through close family members or co-workers, it’s more challenging to not let it take over. Since you are surrounded by it a lot of the time, and every day.

That’s when it’s time to take a break at home, and go somewhere to get away from it. Either a friend’s house or a long walk can help to gain perspective.

If you’re at work, constant negative talk is toxic. If you’re around negative co-workers, it’s a good idea to talk to management. Most companies work hard at creating a good working place, and they will work hard at making it a good place for you.

And if not, then it’s time to consider a job change. There’s no point to stay at a job that has a toxic work environment. It’s better to just get out!

Work on being more positive

Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

You might be in a position where you are just always surrounded by negativity. That makes it really hard to try and be positive all of the time.

Especially if you get ridiculed for it, or people just continue to bring you down.

But, in the end, being positive will make you much happier. Especially if you are naturally a more positive person.

It’s like on Trolls when Poppy goes on the adventure of finding her Troll family, and sings a really happy song while pushing through a shitty journey.

She’s insanely positive, naturally. (I get if you’re not that positive, but if you still see good in the world, you’re pretty positive).

So focus on the good things in your life, especially during those moments where you’re surrounded by these difficult people.

Remember, life is too short!! Do what makes you happy and cut out all of the people or things causing unhappiness. The right kind of people in your life care more about seeing you succeed and be happy, than bring you down and feel bad.

Negativity is toxic and it doesn’t have to be a part of your life. Also, if you can show that these negative people aren’t getting to you and that you won’t join them in their misery, they will most likely start to leave you alone after a while.

Negative people like to feed off of others, and if you don’t go along with what they are saying, they will eventually give up and move onto the next victim.

I’d love to know below some ways you are cutting negativity out of your life! Leave a comment below!

Some effective ways of dealing with negative people, overcoming negative thoughts, and how to be more positive. #negativity #negativeenergy
Some effective ways of dealing with negative people, overcoming negative thoughts, and how to be more positive. #negativity #negativeenergy

Some effective ways of dealing with negative people, overcoming negative thoughts, and how to be more positive. #negativity #negativeenergy