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Did you know that yoga is a GREAT exercise for your mental health? It helps you feel calmer, less anxious, and more at peace with yourself. It's also a great way to be more mindful and patient. Try out these 7 exercises to help relieve anxiety, stress and depression!

7 Yoga Exercises to Relieve Anxiety & Stress Instantly!

If you enjoy finding new ways to relax your mind and calm down after a long day, this post is for you!

Yoga is a great exercise for anyone who struggles with anxiety & stress. It helps you develop a stronger mind/body connection and it also gets you to a calm mind quickly.

I love adding these videos into my daily routine, especially at night when I’m winding down. I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable with myself after doing yoga.

And what’s nice is you don’t have to spend a ton of time doing this, you can even do it for as little as 7 minutes.

Yoga helps you stretch out your tense muscles and quiets your racing mind. Give one of the videos a try if you’re feeling really anxious!

Yoga For Stress & Anxiety by Yoga With Adriene:

Yoga With Adriene is one of my favorite Yoga Youtube channels. She is very good at guiding you through yoga exercises and provides a strong sense of calm.

She even motivates me to want to keep practicing yoga and has different alternatives based on your experience level! Here are some of her best videos on yoga for anxiety and stress:

1. Yoga for Anxiety & Stress

2. Yoga for Anxiety – 20 Minutes Practice


3. Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Relief



Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief by Sarah Beth Yoga

I really like Sarah Beth Yoga as well because she has simple videos that provide really relaxing music in the background. I recommend watching these videos at night time as you start to unwind to help you fall asleep better.

4. 15 Minutes CALMING YOGA for Stress Relief & Anxiety


5. Yoga for Stress & Anxiety


6. Yoga for Anxiety & Stress (15-Minute Yoga)


7. Yoga to Control Your Anxiety



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