Why Following Your Dreams Is Crucial



I know there are probably plenty of posts about this. But, I wanted to share my personal opinion about it. I think that as we are growing as humans, from when we are in High School to when we graduate and transition to College, to graduating college and transition into a career, we go through a lot. I think anyone who looks back at who they were senior year of High School might wonder who that person was. It seems that we experience a huge growth spurt and deal with a lot of changes.

The main thing that struck me in my own path was figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. This is one of the biggest questions in life. And when you are younger, it seems like the biggest question to answer, and you need to answer it quickly. I didn’t finish college at the average age most people do. I took some time off, because I thought that would help me decide on what my future was going be.
When I went through the questions, and trying to look inside and understand what I wanted, I developed dreams. I wanted to be a writer, then a veterinarian, then an interior designer. And I never shot these dreams down, other people in my life did. These were not viable options as a career. School would be too expensive to be a veterinarian, and would I really be able to handle putting animals down? Interior Design would be a lot of money for school too, and I hear that interior designers don’t make much money. I was told I needed a job that I could make a lot of money with. I was directed onto a different path.

And this path was a miserable path. I lost myself. I lost my creativity, my curiosity and empathy for the world. I became bitter and scared, and depressed and anxious. The day I decided to put away my dreams into a closet in my mind and lock the door was when I lost a big part of who I was. When you are told to focus on building a career based around money and security, to some that sounds perfect, but to me it quickly threw me down a rabbit hole. I’ve never cared about money, having a lot of it at least, and I never had security before so I knew how to live without it. These things were not what I needed from a job. I hated sitting at a desk all day, with no escape to the outdoor world except a half hour lunch break.

For anyone who is similar,

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