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Sometimes I come up with really cliche titles for my blog. Sometimes those cliche titles really help spark an idea in my head of what to talk about, and off I go.

Today’s topic is about following your heart. How many of us really do this anyways? To the true effect of allowing it fully encapsulate us and scare the shit out of us? I am beginning to see often lately that the answer is ‘not often’. We all are trying to make something of ourselves in this world, we are all striving to be someone. The spot where we get lost, is following our hearts and listening to where we truly want to be.

Lately, I have realized that I let go of the notion that following my heart was important a long time ago. I released the thought that listening to myself and being confident in my decisions ended up being wrong in a lot of people’s eyes. Every image I had for my future slowly faded away as I grew up into my early 20’s. When having money and security started to mean more than trying life experiences. I quickly gave up my view on doing what I wanted. There wasn’t any way I could make money writing, so why should I even try?

That question right there (aside from the writing specific part) is why so many people get stuck. We come to the conclusion that there is no point in trying in the first place, because the chances are unlikely that we will be successful at it. It is why a lot of people are so scared of being vulnerable. Everyone likes to feel in control, and to know what they are doing. It is terrifying to be in the unknown, it’s like walking around in a pitch black room. When we can’t see whats in front of us, it’s so easy to want to give up. It’s so easy to sit on the ground and wait for the lights to come on.

When it comes to following your heart, it means looking inside. The way the world works now, we have so much access to things, which means we get further and further away from being alone with ourselves. Being busy and having constant access to an escape makes it very difficult to take a moment to actually understand what we want. Everyone is searching for the next thing to distract themselves. Instead, the only way you will truly be able to know what your heart is telling you is by letting go of those things. Letting go of what society tells you to be doing. Shutting of the phone and TV and computer. Sitting down and just being. It might be scary at first, but it’s the only way you will truly be able to know yourself.

Which then comes the looking inwards part. Where you take a look around and actually see your life for what it truly is. It is pretty crazy, but I am realizing that a lot of people don’t do this. They don’t try to work on the parts that scare them. They avoid those. I’ll admit, I avoid scary movies because they are terrifying. I hate making myself feel that way, so trust me when I say I know it’s not very easy.

The truth is though, if you decided to click on this to read about it, it means you are curious. Something is sparking up inside of you. It’s starting to yell at you that something needs to come out. When we don’t face the things that scare us, we start to lose ourselves, and we start to become numb to things.

If you think about it, say you’ve grown up being told to do well in school. As a kid, you wanted to play soccer, but your parents said to focus on grades. Once middle school came, you try out for soccer but don’t do very well. Your body is sore and your feet have blisters on them, and it’s uncomfortable. Then you tell your parents and they tell you it’s ok, and to go study and focus on something else. You still have an urge to try, but you do what your parents say and study instead. Throughout your teenage life, you do what you’re told and shut down the curious voices in your head. By the time Sophomore year hits, you attend a few soccer games on the sidelines and still have that urge to try. But, you know that if you tried it, you’d feel the same pain you felt when trying for the first time. Then you grow up and get the right job, and follow what your parents dream is for you.

You grow up and realize that no part of your life is yours. It’s a typical movie scene, where this occurs throughout the whole movie and finally by the end, they have their epiphany and wake the f up.

You don’t want it to be too late before you realize this. You want to have time to actually follow those dreams. Because, life is insanely short. We are taught to just keep going, stay busy. And being busy means not thinking about anything. And then you keep going so you don’t think about anything, or question anything. Your sense of curiosity is diminished. It’s why there’s a thing called a mid-life crisis. Because, eventually it catches up with you.

When you stop and learn how to listen to yourself and follow your heart, you are applying vital steps towards living a life you want. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rules. It’s so easy to have fear of the unknown and be too scared to go there.

Following your heart just means being more in tune with your gut instincts. It means trying new things and experimenting. For any of you who are itching to get out and try something new, I recommend looking inward. Being in tune with yourself is hard, especially if you spend a lot of your time trying to ignore yourself. Try a new challenge and force yourself to do things you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to. Live a little, make your life meaningful. Work on what you want your life to be, and dream as big as you possibly want to. Create a life that you would want to tell your grandchildren about. Create a story for yourself that other people find inspiration from, because they are too scared to go after what they want. Design a world for you that is the best you could ever imagine, and start working towards it. We can lose track of where our real heart is, based off of what other people tell us. It’s why it’s so important to take the reigns of your life and follow what you believe is right, even if that means going it alone.

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