3 Ways To Be In A Better Mood


When I get in a bad mood, it’s pretty instant. Usually, things are going OK and then all of a sudden, a comment is made or a person cuts me off or my neighbors starting blasting their bass and my blood boils. Similar to the Grinch or the Hulk. Sometimes, my mood turns angry too quickly for anyone to be able to run for cover. continue reading

Following Your Heart




Sometimes I come up with really cliche titles for my blog. Sometimes those cliche titles really help spark an idea in my head of what to talk about, and off I go.

Today’s topic is about following your heart. How many of us really do this anyways? To the true effect of allowing it fully encapsulate us and scare the shit out of us? I am beginning continue reading

Learning Time Management Skills


brain isn’t working very well today. Sometimes I think I try to force myself too much to come up with something to write about. Sometimes the words flow so easily, and then other times I am at a loss. I feel like my brain melted out of my head and drained out onto the floor. This might be due to the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night… it’s almost 8pm and I am starting to fade.
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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel



Have you ever been so focused on one thing, hoping and praying for it to come true, that once it does you aren’t sure what to do with yourself? Like, OK, it happened, now what? This can be a very good feeling, accomplishments can feel great. But, it can also leave you with a feeling of ‘what’s next?’ because we are human and we are wired to feel this way. We are always chasing something in order to feel a sense of purpose.  continue reading

Working On A Change


I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what my next plan is. What do I want to move forward with? Where will I be in 5 years? 10 years? While I hate thinking that far in the future, I am starting to realize that it helps to have some sort of plan thought up. Even if it does end up changing. continue reading

Rolling With The Punches



We are trying our best to keep going. Keep pushing through, get to this moment and things will be better. This is the moment when my whole life will change and I will become who I want. Once that moment hits, then what? What comes next? Is it full of everything you have ever thought of? Is it a high like no other? Or is it the opposite, maybe a slight disappointment? I worked so hard for this, and this is what I get?

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Calming Down Anxiety



I’m not sure if everyone goes through life with anxiety. I am not sure if everyone know what it feels like, exactly. But, I am sure how it feels when I have to go through it. It sucks pretty bad. There are moments where everything feels OK, and I really think that things are going to get better, and that I’ve gotten through the rough times. Then, there it hits out of nowhere.   continue reading

How To Appreciate What You Have


Saturday mornings are my favorite day and time of the week. They are the start of the weekend and the first of two mornings you get to sleep in. They provide a lot of opportunity and hope for the day. I think about them often during the week, when I am stuck at a place where I really don’t want to be. When I am trying my best to push through, these are the days I think about.

But, when the moment actually comes, sometimes I do not appreciate them fully. It might be why I long for them throughout the week. Because when I am given the chance, I just cannot fully allow myself to enjoy it. Because work sucked Friday and it’s bleeding into Saturday. Because we have too much stuff to get done today, and that means the whole day is going to go by too quick.

I have made myself learn how to really appreciate Saturday mornings and other moments for what they are. It can help reduce anxiety and resentment throughout the week.

It seems like things are going so fast. There are weeks where I look back at and wonder if it all really even happened, or was it just a dream? I can’t even remember what happened two days ago or what I had for dinner last night. What really sucks is when you don’t even realize it until a week later, or longer. When that moment is long gone and when many other small moments have taken it’s place.

We live in a world where everything needs to happen in seconds. I admit that when my wi-fi isn’t working when I really need an answer from Google, I get frustrated. My patience is about a 5-second time span and after that time is up, I get frustrated. I am annoyed and irritated over not getting an answer about something as silly as ‘how to lessen the time it takes to get ready’.

It’s pretty sad, isn’t it? Most people don’t have enough time in the day, and when we lose a second of it, we get furious. There isn’t time for this. There are a million other things to get done today.

So, I have some suggestions on ways to feel a little less stressed about the lack of time. During those moments when we all wish we would just appreciate what we have more, and live in the moment. Instead of trying to think ahead or look backwards.

It’s Best To Let It Out


The weather has been pretty gloomy this whole week. On Monday, we had one of the most intense hail storms I have ever witnessed, I’m pretty sure it’s the worst one I’ve seen. We get hail storms every year, but they usually only last for a few minutes. This time, the hail was at least the size of golf balls and the storm lasted at least 20 minutes. As you can imagine, the consistent impact damaged so many cars. I was one of the fortunate ones to not get a broken window/windshield/mirror. Just massive dents in the body of my car. The worst part about those situations is you can’t do anything but watch helplessly from inside. Mother Nature is the one with all of the control, and that was just a reminder of it.

Because of this gloomy weather, and the hail that destroyed the trees and took off all the leaves which is making it look like winter again outside.