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Ah self-doubt.

It’s what gets into your head when you’re unsure about your abilities.

Whether that’s from something you’ve never done before or that one thing you’ve done a million times before.

Questioning yourself is natural.

It’s what we do when we are trying to reflect on ourselves.

We want to make sure we are doing a good job, and living up to our standards.

When self-doubt does come into your head, it can quickly diminish your confidence.

And sometimes it happens because we feel a little extra sensitive to things.

But, these thoughts can actually become debilitating.

Doubting yourself can cause fear. Which will prevent you from trying in the first place.

Then it will make you question everything you do, leaving you wondering if you’ll ever be good enough to deserve what you want.

How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Boost Your Confidence

Speak up About Your doubt

It’s so easy to build up assumptions in our heads.

When something goes wrong at work, you might question yourself and rethink if you’re even cut out for that position.

Whenever something goes wrong, we beat ourselves up internally.

Because we are supposed to be on top of things, and we are supposed to be perfect at everything. Right?


There is no such thing as perfection!

So push that thought out of your head.

Instead, turn to people who can help reassure you that you are doing just fine.

If you keep things to yourself, it can quickly build up in your head.

Telling yourself you aren’t good enough and nobody really likes you anyways are thoughts that aren’t true.

They are just things you make up in your head, because it feels true.

But, this is why you need to talk to someone about it.

Ask them if you’re doing a bad job at your job.

I can promise they will say no, and reassure you that you’re a great part of the team.

We are so good about beating ourselves up and making sure that we don’t feel much pride in our work.

Even if you are pretty close to perfect at your job.

That’s why it’s always good to get a second opinion, and a different perspective.

Because other people see you differently than you see yourself.

They value you and the right people want to be there make sure you don’t have any self-doubt.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It’s so easy to do.

You see someone else at school who gets straight A’s and makes it look so easy.

They must be born with a skill that automatically makes them smart. There’s no way to compete with that.

Well, you should stop competing at all.

There is no point in comparing yourself to others, except to make yourself feel worse.

And the best way to avoid doing this is by looking at it with a different perspective.

Instead of telling yourself false assumptions, work at becoming a better person.

Chances are, that person who gets straight A’s probably has to work really hard.

They most likely study any free second they get, and there’s a chance they are struggling with self-doubt as well.

If you think about how hard it is to maintain that, then imagine how hard it is if you fall short.

Put yourself in their shoes for a second. And try to tell yourself that they might be struggling too.

It’s easy to assume other people have it better than you, but everyone is dealing with something.

Some people are really good at hiding it, but no one is perfect.

Once you believe this, it’ll be easier to stop comparing yourself.

And it might make you appreciate what you do have and what you are capable of.

Separate Yourself from the Cause of Your Self-Doubt

When I am at work for 40 hours a week, the cycle of self-doubt repeats itself every day.

When you are constantly surrounded by the things that are causing doubt, then you need to take a break.

I know that sometimes it’s not possible, because we can’t just stop showing up to work or school.

But, you do have control once you get home and I’m sure you have at least an hour a day you could use to get away.

Spend some time doing something you really enjoy, that you know you are good at.

Something that makes you feel really good. And forget about what’s causing your self-doubt.

We can get so wrapped up in feeling bad about ourselves.

Even when we get home, going on social media can bring us back into the cycle.

That’s where we start comparing ourselves to other people who seem to have their lives figured out.

This is when you need to shut your phone off and go on a hike.

Or hang out with people you really care about and ask them to not let you talk about the things that are bugging you.

It’s really important to take a break and not obsess over what’s causing you stress.

When you can learn how to separate yourself from the crap, it’s easier to get a new outlook.

Write Down 3 Things You Love About Yourself Every Day

Thinking about what you love about yourself isn’t the easiest when you’re filled with self-doubt.

You might think that you don’t like anything about who you are.

But, digging deep and understanding yourself more will give you more confidence.

Think of the things that you are good at.

Are you a good person who cares about other people? Do you love animals? Is there a specific body type of yours that you love?

Grab a piece of paper and pencil and write it down.

Then, do this every single day.

At first it will feel weird, and maybe selfish. But, it’s not.

And those thoughts are your self-doubt coming into tell you it’s pointless.

Ignore that voice, and do it anyways.

Then, you’ll start to discover what does make you so great.

And you’ll remember these things when you question yourself. Which will make you believe in yourself more.

Tell Your Inner Critic to Shut Up

That inner voice that is always talking down to you needs to be quiet.

What that voice is telling you isn’t true.

It’s a very convincing voice, but what it’s saying doesn’t provide any value to you.

Imagine if that’s how your best friend talked about themselves.

You would quickly tell them to stop being ridiculous and that they are great just as they are.

You are perfect just as you are now.

And those voices that tell you otherwise are liars. Don’t give into that inner critic.

Tell it to shut up, and focus on doing the things you enjoy.

Because you deserve them!

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