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Here’s What to tell yourself when You’re Feeling Down

You might forget the good when you’re feeling down.

Your thoughts invade your sense of wellbeing making you question things about yourself.

Like your worth and how much value you hold in the world.

When you’re feeling down it’s important to remember the good things in your life. And the good things that come from you specifically.

And one main thing to remember is “this too shall pass”. Your bad thoughts and feelings will fade. You will feel better again.

You just have to trust this and believe this.

I’m proud of the woman I am because I went through a hell of a time becoming her

No matter what you’ve gone through, you’ve made it to this moment.

Which means you will make it through the next moment and so on. You will get through these tough times. When you’re feeling down it’s so easy to think that things will never get better.

Something about our brains convince us that life won’t get better. And yet it does, through time and patience.


I forgive myself and set myself free

Go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done to make yourself feel bad. Forgive your inner critic for the way she speaks to you.

Forgive any negative thoughts you have. These thoughts don’t define who you are, they are just thoughts.

Allow yourself to feel free from the judgement you place on yourself.

Even though today sucks, I know I will get through this.

Repeat this a few times a day. You will get through this.

Trust that you will. Even when you don’t truly believe it. Remember the times that you struggled but you pushed through.

Use those times as evidence that you won’t feel bad forever.

What I think and what I feel doesn’t define me. I am more than my negative thoughts.

You have thousands and thousands of thoughts a day. A lot of which you choose to ignore.

Some of the thoughts that you ignore are very positive ones (that are true). And yet you choose to give value to the negative thoughts.

Thoughts are only true if you allow them to be, and you can choose to not give value to the negative ones. They do not define who you are.

As a form of self-sabotage, making yourself feel bad is just a way to protect yourself. It’s easier to feel bad than it is to feel better. Just remember that you are more than any negative thought you may believe.


I do not have to apologize to anyone for who I am

If others don’t fully accept you for who you are, that’s their problem. You should not have to change just to fit in.

Because no matter how much you change to make other people like you, there will always be someone who doesn’t like that side of you.

What helps instead is to just be yourself and attract the people who like you for you. Because you don’t have to pretend or hide and you attract people who don’t ask you to ever be anyone but yourself.


I don’t have to have everything figured out, I just need to trust myself more

For some reason we always think we need to have our lives fully figured out. As if there will be this epic moment where you don’t struggle, you’re always happy, and you don’t have anymore worries.

But, life doesn’t always work that way. Yes you will feel great and happy. But you will also feel sad and confused. And that’s the beauty of all of this.

You just need to remember that you don’t have to have everything figured out. Even 80 year olds don’t have their lives figured out, they’ve just learned to not care so much.

And I believe that once you let go of trying to have it all figured out, you will feel more at peace.

You will be content with how your life is now and you’ll feel more grateful for what you already have.

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